Our Team

Founded in May 2006, bliss hair was created by Kim Hoang and Diane Gallant.


 Our vision is to become a team of successful stylists that value education and community. We promise to provide exceptional customer service by consistent training and development.


We have had the priveledge to study at Sassoon Academy where we study precision cutting and colouring. We are all passionate about education and competitions. This helps us keep consistency in our salon for our clients, training of apprentices and exceptional customer service.

We have all grown together not only professionally but personally with each other as well as our clients. As a team we have travelled to numerous conferences around Canada and the United States. The culture of our salon is very important to us.  We are like family.  We are proud to have a low stylist turnover rate which enables to serve you with consistency

We strive for excellence in service and are committed to completing this by continuing our education and being role models for future stylist. We enjoy having apprentices training with us. Not only does it keep us on our toes; but also allows us to learn new techniques not being taught in the cosmetology schools.



Throughout the year in business, bliss and their stylists have fulfilled on some dreams competing in national hair competitions. We have partnered up with Wella International and have competed in Wella Trend Vision and Wella Beauty Envision Awards placing semi-finalist and finalists within the competitions and continuing to compete until we take it to the top!

Hair Styling

Diane Gallant


The love of hairdressing sparked at a very young age when Diane’s mom found all of Diane’s brand new barbie’s starting getting haircuts. Being the first generation in Canada, Diane’s parents prioritized academic education and Diane studied at the U of A after high school. Studying there for a few years and being unhappy, Diane found the courage to follow her dream and to study at Est-elle Academy of hair Design.

Diane has been a professional hairstylist since 2001 and is one of the owners of bliss hair. “ There are not very many professions in the world that you can say that you can dramatically transform somebody within 2 hours and I can. I love transforming people from the inside and out, making them look and feel beautiful” Diane’s specialties are short/medium length haircuts and colors and bridal parties. She loves doing updo’s. “ It is a real priveledge to be part of a bride’s special day. Diane studies at Vidal Sassoon academy annually empowering herself and her team. On her spare time, Diane loves to work out, enjoy summers at the lake, travel and spending time with her dog, friends and family. She is also the head trainer working with fresh apprentices straight out of hair school.  She has led and developed many apprentices throughout the years and is so passionate in building her bliss babies into bliss beauties.


1. Who is your biggest professional inspiration?

Vidal Sassoon... Sassoon didn't invent the idea of short hair for women, but he brought a range of short styles into the mainstream. He is perhaps best remembered for his "Mary Quant" cut, a geometric five-point bob worn by the fashion designer which contrasted sharply with the romantic, curly looks of the 1950s.

2. What do you want to be known for in this industry?

Not only do I want to be known for precision haircutting and coloring, I would like to be known as a leader in the industry.  Only hiring apprentices and non licensed hairstylist, we are able to make a difference in our youth and building them up to being strong confident human beings.

3. What's something few people may know about you?

I speak 3 languages!  My 1st language is cantonese, my 2nd is french and my 3rd is english.  I also play piano and read music so if that was a language, I guess you can say I speak 4.

4. When you're not behind the chair, you're likely?

 Going for walks with my dog and spending time with friends and family.

5. What is your favorite quote?

 "It's not about the goal or the dream you have.  It's about who you become on your way to that goal"

-Rachel Hollis.

Diane is an Aquarius which allows her to have the charm and impulsiveness and romantic nature which defines her personality. People seem to gravitate towards her because of her unique charm and warmth which explains why she has a wide range of friends.


Kim Hoang

Kim started her career in 2001. Kim’s passion for hair started as a young girl when she got to play with mannequin heads at her aunts hair salon. Since then she always knew that her dream would to become a hairstylist someday. As one of the owners of bliss hair, Kim has certainly fulfilled her dream.

Kim has completed Vidal Sassoon Women/Men’s classic hair cutting techniques, Kevin Murphy hair haircutting, updo , styling and Master Hair Colorist, Wella Master Hair Colorist,  Kell Grace Master Updo course, Eufora Women/Men’s Hair cutting, razor cutting and finishing classes.

Kim specializes in Hair Coloring, various Perms, Straightening services, loves Men’s cuts and Woman's bob cuts. Kim was a Color finalist in Wella Trend Vision Hair in 2007 and 2012. Kim’s goal is to make each one of her guest look and feel beautiful at the end of their service.

Kim is a mom that loves to travel, is a foodie, enjoys working out and loves spending time with her family and friends



1.  Who is your biggest professional inspiration?

Kim's inspiration comes from her auntie who has inspired her right from her early ages. Her auntie being a professional hairstylist has guided Kim and inspired her thoughout her career.

2. What do you want to be known for in this industry?

Kim wants to be known for her precision haircuts.  She excels in bob's.  She is also the queen of blondes!

3. What's something few people may know about you?

Kim is an amazing mom that has 2 beautiful daughter's.

4. When you're not behind the chair, you're most likely?

Kim loves spending time with her friend's and family

5. What is your favorite quote?

"Follow your gut feeling as it is usually right"

-Kim Hoang in her own words.


Kim is a GEMINI which makes her playful and intelectually curious. Gemini's are constantly juggling a variety of passions, hobbies, careers and friends groups.  They are social butterflies. She is quick witted and can talk to anyone about anything. She is excellent at guiding change and transformation.


Nichole Schlemko

Nichole has always had  a love for doing hair.  She graduated from MC college in 2015 and joined the bliss team in 2017. Her dream of becoming a stylist began during her years of cosmetology in high school and the satisfaction from making people look and feel their best.  Her passion is haircutting both women and men.


 She is constantly inspiring herself and loves learning new techniques from cutting and coloring.  She is always studyng trends and new products so she can share with all of her clients.  Her biggest inspiration is Sarah Landry, also known as the birds papaya. If you know anything about Sarah she’s all about being yourself and embracing yourself, and do whatever makes you feel your best!  And that’s what Nichole loves about Sarah. Nichole wants to be known for making everyone to leave feeling confident and beautiful when they leave her chair.  When she’s not behind the chair, she can be found playing one of the many sports she’s involved in.  She loves camping and spending time outside or buzzing around in the sky.


1.  Who is your biggest professional inspiration?

Sarah Landry who is all about being your most authentic self. Natural beauty from inside and out.

2. What do you want to be known for in this industry?

Nichole wants to be known as a day maker.  She is extremely passionate about people and everyone around her. She wants everyone to look and feel beautiful and confident when they leave her chair.

3. What's something few people may know about you?

Nichole is so well rounded.  Not only is she a very talented hairstylist, she is currently working towards her pilot's license.

4. When you're not behind the chair, you're most likely?

Nichole loves the outdoors.  You can find her spending time with her friends, family and her golden retriever Honey.

5. What is your favorite quote?

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory”

-Dr. Suess

Nichole is a SCORPIO which makes her to be extremely deep and intense in all things that she does. They are natural leaders and are one of the most interesting signs. Nichole is very detail orientated, she is very good a sifting through data and has the stamina to see tasks that others may find dull. She is excellent at technical detail but also remembers to look at the bigger picture. She is so well rounded and well liked.