Tape Ins

 Our Tape-In method is popular due to quick and streamlined the installation and removal process is. It is a fantastic option for clients with all hair types because of how weightless and comfortable they feel after being installed. 

Tape-Ins are installed by taping a weft extension onto the surface of the hair strand and then sandwiching the strand with another weft, or a single side tape depending on the thickness of the hair. The Tape-In method is also fantastic for adding length, volume, or even just a pop of color. Tape-In extensions require a maintenance appointment every 6-8 weeks which includes moving up the wefts, and a wash-blowdry-style. 


Sew In

Our sew in extension method in installed by sewing the either a Hand-Tied or a Machine Sewn Weft onto a track of silicone beads to achieve instant length, fullness and volume.


The silicone beads are lined to provide a cushion on your hair so there is no tension and no damage caused. The extensions are seamless and comfortable to wear. Because of the beaded track they are installed on, they can be seamless for fine, medium and thick hair types. The Sew In method requires a maintenance appointment every 8-12 weeks which includes the moving up of the wefts, and a wash-blowdry-style. 

Single Strand Beaded Methods

Our Beaded Methods are a favorite amongst clients who love having the 360 degree movement and flexibility when it comes to styling. They are also fantastic for humid environments and don't mind getting wet because they don't use any adhesive to install.


Beaded extensions are available in an I-Tip or Flat-Tip form, depending on the density of the hair. These extensions are installed with tiny silicone lined beads that will clamp the extension flat to your hair, making them a damage free and comfortable method to wear. 


Braidless weave extensions (VoguePearl)

Braidless Weave Extensions is a technique that utilizes the natural hair by wrapping it around the weft and securing it all together with a silicone lined micro-bead. This technique is great for all hair types including fine/thinning hair for it is a damage-free, low maintenance, long lasting, hidden and flat technique that you can count on!

The technique is worn on the head for 7 months - a year with simple monthly touch ups every month.

But what about hair quality?

With lots of research and searching for the perfect hair for you, I’m happy to announce that we are partnered with @babe_hair to help you make your hair dreams come true!


• 100% Remi hair

• Colour safe and provides custom colours to get the perfect match for you

• Comes in different hair textures to match your natural hair texture

• Comes in a variety of different lengths

• And overall a hair extension weft that you can count on to last you months of daily wear!

Permanent Hair Extensions